Doing Business with Joerns

We're Proud to Stand at the Forefront of Healthcare Innovation.

Rooted in injury and wound prevention, safe patient handling and mobility, our integrated products, programs and professional services add value to your business by guaranteeing sustainable and measurable clinical and financial outcomes.

As a full-service provider, we offer customized clinical and technical service programs that complement our product offering. Our rental and equipment service solutions include a comprehensive menu of choices delivered by a highly trained team.

Discovery and Assessment

Field based clinicians and representatives meet with nursing staff and other stakeholders to listen to your challenges, assess your environment, and understand your desired clinical and financial outcomes. We work collaboratively with providers to assess and fully understand the complications associated with achieving desired results. To develop and implement programs that mitigate falls, prevent pressure ulcers, and reduce staff injury from manual lifting, we work consultatively with all stakeholders. And we incorporate the latest principles to create a custom product that formulary supports a simple and effective best-practice-process that delivers results.

Consultation and Customized Programs

After analyzing the data collected, our clinicians work with facilities to identify product and service needs, provide input for selection, and help build programs to accomplish clinical goals.

Even better, your customized program offers the flexibility to change as your needs do. We understand that patient populations and individual care needs evolve over time, and we'll consult with your team to adjust your program accordingly. To build, plan, or implement your next care solution, we encourage you to visit our Customer Experience Center in Charlotte, NC or our regional showrooms in Chatsworth, CA and Arlington, TX.

Product Delivery and Support

With a greater than 95% on-time delivery rate, you know you can count on Joerns Healthcare to provide what you need, when you need it. You can also take comfort in our Joint Commission accreditation. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet or exceed customer expectations by ensuring quality and operational standards and procedures are followed for every delivery.

Education and Training

Our talented, deeply credentialed clinical staff provides wound care resources and related education programs through a number of training platforms and venues including on-site education, webinars, and our 120+ seat Education and Training Center in Charlotte, NC.

Efficient, Easy Ordering and Lasting Value

Joerns Healthcare has recently launched, a sophisticated but user friendly web-based customer portal that contains our proprietary platform for rental order management (delivery and pickup, service and maintenance).

MyJHC's centralized platform includes a reporting tool that will help a single facility or a multi-facility operator manage utilization, billing, and reporting.

Learn more here.

Data Measurement and Management Reporting

Our state-of-the art systems provide an incredible information resource to customers. For ease of use, individualized reports are created that reflect your organizational structure. This gives visibility to the clinical and financial teams and allows the organization to proactively manage costs.

Management reports focus on expense tracking and provide flexibility with respect to recipient lists and frequency of report generation. We will show you all utilization data and help you understand it to help you make sound clinical and financial decisions.

Customer Care

Our compassionate customer care representatives are available, 24/7/365, and are empowered to provide our customers with a solution to their problems.