RC Care Glyde®

Air Assisted Technology, Lowest Friction Coefficient, Allows Effortless Transfer Between Surfaces

Costs from a single caregiver lifting injury can number in the tens or even hundreds of thousands. Protect your caregivers and reduce injury costs with the RC CareGlyde lateral air transfer system from RecoverCare. The system pushes air through the bottom of the perforated mattress, creating a cushion of air which allows one or two caregivers to easily transfer the patient or reposition the patient in bed. The air cushion greatly reduces the amount of force necessary in lateral patient transfer, thus reducing risk of caregiver injury.


  • Heat sealed for strength and infection prevention
  • Fluid proof cover
  • Removable cover can be laundered between patients or as needed
  • X-ray and MRI compatible
  • No weight limit


  • Available in 34”, 39” or 50” widths
  • Agency Approvals: UL 544 and CSA 601-1