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OSHA to publicize healthcare providers' injury and illness data

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a final rule that will impact healthcare providers across the country. According to OSHA, the governing agency will publicize the injury and illness data of employers in high-hazard industries on their website.

As an industry with significant workers’ compensation claims, healthcare will feel the effects of this new rule. For years providers have been required to submit records of workplace injuries to OSHA, but the reports were not previously disclosed to the general public. By making this information widely available, investors, donors, prospective employees, and patients can learn which facilities are safest and best managed with the simple click of a mouse.

"This new rule could potentially change the way people think about individual facilities or even systems," said Doug Ferguson, Vice President of Global Product Development at Joerns Healthcare. "Clinicians want to work in a safe environment; patients want to be out of harm's way, and investors and donors alike want to put their monies in demonstrable causes. This new rule could leave facilities vulnerable to criticism, job vacancies, lower censuses, public scrutiny, and limited investments and/or donations."

The new requirements take effect August 2016, with data submissions beginning to phase in during 2017. Ferguson suggests providers take action as soon as possible to protect their staff, patients and reputation.

"Providers that begin implementing a successful plan of correction soon will be able to show improvement over time," Ferguson said. "Improvement is possible and it’s sustainable."

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of patient handling products and programs, including the esteemed Hoyer™ brand, Joerns Healthcare has witnessed many turnarounds.

"Time and time again we've watched facilities drastically reduce their claims via our Prevent® safe patient handling program. We can help others reduce their claims as well."

Joerns Healthcare's Prevent program is a comprehensive approach that includes data collection, strategy formulation, process mapping, metrics, facility training, and ongoing program management.

"OSHA, job seekers, investors, and patients expect healthcare providers to have favorable injury rates or to improve poor injury rates," Ferguson said. "And once the data is public, they will demand it. The good news is with our experience we can help facilities—we can define a customized solution to meet their current needs."

To learn how Prevent may be able to decrease your facility's workplace injuries, call 800-826-0270 today.