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Repeal of the ACA and Its Impact on Post-Acute Care Providers

Headlines continue to be dominated with news regarding the controversial and highly debated GOP repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The array of groups taking strong positions on the bill is due in part to the White House's actions in an extraordinarily compressed timeframe as well as the impact it may have on many parts of the United States economy and the health care of millions of Americans. However, what does it all really mean for post-acute providers?

A central goal of the ACA was to significantly reduce the number of the uninsured by providing a continuum of affordable coverage options through Medicaid and the Health Insurance Marketplace. The new bill, dubbed the American Health Care Act by House Republicans, was presented early last week and proposes significant cuts to the current Medicaid program and modifications to the way insurance is regulated. Click here for some fast facts as presented by the New York Times.

There are countless ways this legislation could unfold, and we are actively participating in the legislative process to ensure our industry's voice is heard. By making significant contributions to the AHCA-CPAC lobbying efforts, we are campaigning for you and your patients. The reality is, we have an aging population that will need affordable, clinically effective care and the post-acute care facility is a key part of the healthcare continuum.

The good news is that Joerns Healthcare has seen a lot of change in our 125-year history as a company. As a result, our customers are increasingly relying on us as a trusted partner to advocate for our industry and to help them navigate the changing landscape with appropriate solutions. The enduring resilience and proven strength of our business model—combined with the incredible dedication our employees show to countless families every day—uniquely position Joerns Healthcare to support you now and through challenges that may lie ahead.

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